Mar 232016

This is a music video of a song recorded/mixed/mastered using Linux
(AV Linux 2016) with Harrison Mixbus 3.1 along with some Calf and linuxDSP
Plugins. This is also the first production from our new ‘Bandshed’ studio
and will be released as part of a full EP in a month or so. The band
‘Evergreen’ is the band my son drums in and ‘Come Around’ is an original
song written by the singer.

John Option – Bike

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Dec 022015

New video from “John Option”.

The song is published under the terms of the Creative Commons License
(CC-BY-SA) and it’s completely produced with free software:
Ardour, Hydrogen, Jack, Qsynth, CALF, and many other
great free audio software that we used under Debian GNU/Linux.

You can listen the single and see the video (made with kdenlive).

As for the previous songs we have done a little more in the direction of
freedom and we published in our website the single recording tracks
and the complete Ardour session. All this material is published under
the terms of the Creative Commons license Attribution Share alike so
that anyone can use our tracks to produce a remix of our song or even a
new song that have to be published under the same license.

You can find all about our project here:

I hope that you like our choice of freedom. If you feel like I’d love
to read your feedback, because the encouragement of the people who
listen to us and appreciate the philosophy of our project is the only
fuel for us to continue. And if you like to be updated about our next
release, please subscribe to our YouTube channel or any other social
network you like (see link to our profiles on our website).

Apr 242014

Video from concert of Philip Glass music from 1969 (pure minimal) played on electric organs using linux box

Cluster Ensemble
Fero Király, elektrický organ
Ivan Šiller, elektrický organ

we played:
1,musin in contrary motion (1969) (zynaddsubfx) in fifths (1969) (setBfree, zynaddsubfx) in similar motion (1969) (setBfree, zynaddsubfx, pd-> MIDI bridge to analog monosynth MS20)

The setup was:
el.organ 2x -> MIDI -> setBfree Zynaddsubfx pd-extended carlahostplugin -> output
I am using arch with Presonus1818VSL

Feb 192014

Incarnated sound sculpture
(Xth Sense Biosensing Wearable Technology)

Similarly to a mime, I model malleable sonic matter produced by my body. By using the wearable biotech instrument “Xth Sense”, the bioacoustic sound of muscle contractions is amplified, digitally processed, and played back through eight loudspeakers and subwoofers. The natural sound of my muscles and its virtual counterpart blend together into an unstable sonic object.

This oscillates between a state of high density and one of violent release. As the listeners imagine the object’s shape by following the gesture, the sonic stimuli induce a perceptual coupling. The listeners see through sound the sculpture which their sight cannot perceive.

Ominous | Incarnated sound sculpture (Xth Sense) from Marco Donnarumma on Vimeo.