May 132011

Check out this great collection of Open Source Multimedia Productivity from Sebkha-Chott!

Live Music Videos created entirely on the Linux Platform from performance to final post production edit.

Sebkha-Chott’s setup onstage uses:
- jackd2
- FFADO (2 Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 daisy-chained)
- ardour2
- AMS (4 of them)
- Tapeutape
- SooperLooper (timebase master)
- seq24
- QLC (for lights)
- Lives (for VJing)
- Mididings
- Qmidiroute
- ladspa plugs
everything go through the machine, which also manages the in-ear monitors.

The recording, mixing and mastering were done on B4GSTUD, the studio
of the AMMD, which uses:
- jackd2
- ALSA (RME HDSP 9652 and HD24XR)
- ardour2

The video editing and so on was done with kdenlive.