Jun 152013

To commemorate Frank Zappa 20 years after his prematured death, Sebkha-Chott will perform a Satyrical Broadway Musical Comedy written by Frank Zappa in 1984, and never performed on stage when he was alive: Thing Fish (it was performed only once in 2003 in London). The performance will occur at Zappanale Festival in Germany on 2nd of August 2013.

Jul 042012

Sebkha Chott are about to release their new album (the 5th) of SEBKHA-CHOTT made with Linux. It will be released worldwidely on 22nd of September by Muséa Records (in collaboration with AMMD and Dogmazic). Preorders are available until 8th of July.

The best is probably to listen to/look at more than talk about:

*Video Teaser* (blender inside) (html5 player)
on youtube

flac : http://sebkhachott.net/spip/IMG/flac/sebkha-chott_nexxxtepilog_phialshapes_short-10.flac
ogg : http://sebkhachott.net/spip/IMG/ogg/sebkha-chott_nexxxtepilog_phialshapes_short.ogg
and with a live video mapped on it (html5 player)
and on youtube

*List of softwares used*
- Distributions
+ Debian GNU/Linux (recording master)
+ TangoStudio (control)
- Drivers and DSP managers
+ FFADO developpment version (Saffire Pro 40)
+ ffado-mixer
+ hdspmixer, hdspconf
- Session Handler
+ ladish
- MIDI sequencer
+ seq24 (customized version)
- Synths
+ Alsa Modular Synth
- Samplers
+ Tapeutape
- Recording, mixing, and mastering
+ Ardour 2.8
+ Non-Mixer
+ numerous LADSPA plugs

(This software also are used on stage, as you might see in the different
live videosor
on youtube

Here is the official announcement by Sebkha-Chott’s Kourt with references to Marcel Marceau and George W Bush!!

May 132011

Check out this great collection of Open Source Multimedia Productivity from Sebkha-Chott!

Live Music Videos created entirely on the Linux Platform from performance to final post production edit.

Sebkha-Chott’s setup onstage uses:
- jackd2
- FFADO (2 Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 daisy-chained)
- ardour2
- AMS (4 of them)
- Tapeutape
- SooperLooper (timebase master)
- seq24
- QLC (for lights)
- Lives (for VJing)
- Mididings
- Qmidiroute
- ladspa plugs
everything go through the machine, which also manages the in-ear monitors.

The recording, mixing and mastering were done on B4GSTUD, the studio
of the AMMD, which uses:
- jackd2
- ALSA (RME HDSP 9652 and HD24XR)
- ardour2

The video editing and so on was done with kdenlive.