Apr 242014

Video from concert of Philip Glass music from 1969 (pure minimal) played on electric organs using linux box

Cluster Ensemble
Fero Király, elektrický organ
Ivan Šiller, elektrický organ


we played:
1,musin in contrary motion (1969) (zynaddsubfx)
2.music in fifths (1969) (setBfree, zynaddsubfx)
3.music in similar motion (1969) (setBfree, zynaddsubfx, pd-> MIDI bridge to analog monosynth MS20)

The setup was:
el.organ 2x -> MIDI -> setBfree Zynaddsubfx pd-extended carlahostplugin -> output
I am using arch with Presonus1818VSL

Dec 192012

An Audio Video Collaboration between DJ Kotau and Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty Ltd.

Mozarts 40th Symphony in Classic Synth Style with a mashup of Ancient Aliens, Revelation of the Pyramids and Zeitgeist just in time for Winter Solstice, the end of the Mayan Calendar and the impending apocalypse on 21 12 2012.