Mar 232016

This is a music video of a song recorded/mixed/mastered using Linux
(AV Linux 2016) with Harrison Mixbus 3.1 along with some Calf and linuxDSP
Plugins. This is also the first production from our new ‘Bandshed’ studio
and will be released as part of a full EP in a month or so. The band
‘Evergreen’ is the band my son drums in and ‘Come Around’ is an original
song written by the singer.

Apr 242014

Video from concert of Philip Glass music from 1969 (pure minimal) played on electric organs using linux box

Cluster Ensemble
Fero Király, elektrický organ
Ivan Šiller, elektrický organ

we played:
1,musin in contrary motion (1969) (zynaddsubfx) in fifths (1969) (setBfree, zynaddsubfx) in similar motion (1969) (setBfree, zynaddsubfx, pd-> MIDI bridge to analog monosynth MS20)

The setup was:
el.organ 2x -> MIDI -> setBfree Zynaddsubfx pd-extended carlahostplugin -> output
I am using arch with Presonus1818VSL

May 162011

Dave Phillips and his mighty Blues band live on stage.

Fat Daddy plays Magic Sam’s I Just Want A Little Bit at Coffee Amici in Findlay OH on April 16 2011. That’s Terry McClanahan on guitar, Dave Phillips on bass and vocal, and Rusty Campbell on drums and charisma.

Video recorded by Brother Bill Phillips. Titles and rendering by Brother Dave with Kdenlive on Ubuntu Linux.