Feb 212013

Trailer to the performance movie “Durch das Pfauenauge” of artist and designer Gwen van den Eijnde.
The film sequences have been shot by Marcel Wehn at the Kunst Raum Riehen in January 2013, in the frame of Gwen van den Eijnde’s solo exhibition.


Durch das Pfauenauge / TRAILER from Gwen van den Eijnde on Vimeo.

Feb 112013

Droning 202 by Louigi Verona

We are hovering above a city, looking at the streets and buildings. Each of those is full of people, each with his own life, circumstances, world view, friends, family and a story…
And we are just flying over, travelers, saying hello and saying good bye and moving on to fields and long roads and then to another city…

Sep 202012

DJ Banjo presents his Inimitable Amalgam of the Greatest Hits of the Nineteenth Century and the Intoxicating Electronic Dance Sounds of The Year Two-Thousand with the classic “Little Liza Jane”.

Video created with Kdenlive using audio sampled and mixed prior to video production.